“To be the leading centre providing student – responsive education, farmer –responsive training and services for development of Agriculture and agro-industry.” P. R. Pote College of Agriculture visualize the critical importance of Agricultural Information and Communication Technology as an instrument for the University’s overall development & Institute remains deeply committed to dissemination of both for increasing productivity, rural development and enhancing the quality life of the farmers.


P. R. Pote College of Agriculture aims to impart a technical education in Agriculture and related areas. The college creates, integrates, & shares knowledge to meet the objectives: Objectives:- . To provide relevant education to the students in Agriculture, Processing and allied sciences. . To promote research and training on sustainable development of agricultural productivity, cost reduction in farming, farm mechanization and farm animal production. . To encourage the youths on entrepreneurship and rural development . To provide consultancy in agriculture to disseminate the technology innovation to the producer through integrated extension activities.


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